Entry for June 12, 2006


Into mundane celebrity sightings? Get this:

Just last week, while at the Topanga Canyon Toys R Us, I waited to pick up a videogame (Powerslave, P.I.E., Sega Saturn) behind none other than…ominous thug rapper Ice Cube! With him were a pretty woman and little girl in a shopping cart! On the way out, store clerks told me he drove away in a “big Mercedes”!

A couple of months ago, while buying some cigarettes at a Sherman Oaks Thrifty drugstore, who did I see walk in—with a couple of kids in tow—but…legendary rocker John Fogerty!

Best of all: Once at the counter at the 7-11 by my house, I struck up a conversation with the bald guy from Manhattan Transfer! I even told him I liked his music because I didn’t know what else to say!

Ibet you wish you were me!


APHEX TWIN Richard D. James Album (Sire) Now that it’s been decided that “electronica” is the wave of the future–yippee!–what say we take a nostalgic walk down Memory Lane with the Aphex Twin, whose unimpressive haircut surely renders him old hat when compared to newcomers like the exciting Prodigy! Twin Boy’s latest includes the required number of blips, bleeps and gurgles, some unexpectedly herky-jerky percussive moments, and a dandy surefire hit called “Milkman” –which boasts the memorable mantra, “I would like some milk from the Milkman’s wife’s tits.” I think all of us have felt the same way sometimes, Aphex! 3.5/5

EGGMAN First Fruits (Tri-Star/Creation) After a lifetime of hearing “Sice isn’t everything”—the poor deaf fool!–Sice of England’s utfab Boo Radleys unleashes his first solo album here—and frankly I like it better than the Boos’ own latest set. You will too! Filled with hummable melodies, melancholy minor chords, and clever arrangements, First Fruits is not a directive uttered by a homophobic pirate captain ordering prisoners to walk the plank—and wouldn’t that be a bitch?–but instead the sort of pleasant pop music they stopped making when it was discovered that nobody listens to the records they buy anymore anyway! It’s weird! 4/5

THE APARTMENTS The Evening Visits… 4.5/5 Drift 4/5 (both TRG/Hot) I truly think that Peter M. Walsh—of Australian combo the Apartments—is one of the finest singer/songwriters of the past decade or so, and that his group’s 1995 set A Life Full Of Farewells was among the very best records of the decade. That said, is it any wonder I would implore you to seek out both of these albums? First released in 1985 and 1993 respectively, and now issued Stateside for the first time, the wondrously-crafted discs showcase all those pesky emotions—regret, sadness, forlorness, warmth, nostalgic romance—that rock critics like myself spend bundles studying via the expensive correspondence schools from which we’ve learned our craft! Buy these records and experience a new quality of being! It’s that easy!

HOVERCRAFT Akathisia (Mute/Blast First) Count me as just one of the several million fans of Hovercraft, the apparently Seattle-based instrumental trio featuring the memorably-named players Campbell 2000, sadie 7, and Karl 3-30. While drummer Karl 3-30 shows the evident influence (at least to those of us in the know) of Karls 3-29 and 2-28, his repetitive pounding also strikes these ears—not mine, the ones over there, where I’m pointing—as similar to that of Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason circa Saucerful Of Secrets. Which blends well indeed with the guitarring of Campbell 2000—who himself sounds influenced by the playing (a rarity!) of Syd Barrett. Not to be impolite, but if you don’t like this record, you suck. 4/5

(BAM, 2/1/97)


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