Entry for June 16, 2006


Reading back over my last few exciting columns, it strikes me that some of my occasional attempts at humor may have been “hard to grasp” for some readers. This disturbs me! So, just for my own peace of mind, I’d like to share some of my favorite new jokes with you–just to prove I’m a funny guy!        


Q: What’s a good drink to have for breakfast aside from milk, tea or coffee?

A: O.J.!

Q: Reverse the initials of Superman’s cub reporter pal at the Daily Planet and what do you get?

A: O.J.!

Q: When my good friend Jay Sedrish tells me a stupid joke, what do I say?

A: O.J.!

Q: What famous former football player is now involved in the so-called “trial of the century”?

A: I don’t know!

Get it?




LOVE Love Story 1966-72 (Rhino/Elektra Traditions) Containing as it does my very favorite album of all time, Forever Changes, how could this 2-CD compilation be anything less than utfab? A thorough chronicle of Arthur Lee’s megawork with Love through the ages, the collection offers definitive proof that Love were L.A.’s coolest band ever–even hipper than the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band!–and should be acquired instantly for kicks! Collectors will note the domestic CD debut of three rare tracks here (“Your Mind And We Belong Together,” “Laughing Stock,” and “No. 14”), others will not! Hey, that’s just the way it is! 5/5


DIRTY THREE Dirty Three (Touch & Go) An Australian trio featuring violin, guitar and drums? You bet! Apparently set to be on Lollapalooza’s famous “second stage”–you know, the one that only exists in real time for a sixtieth of a minute–these geezers have a pedigree that would make my dog Smacky (a sheltie!) envious, and are often equally as loud! Intriguing improvisors, irrational iconoclasts, irritating idiots–it doesn’t matter, as long as it starts with I! Great band! 4/5


BEN FOLDS FIVE Ben Folds Five (Passenger/Caroline)  Guaranteed to appeal to the same audience that dug Something/Anything or Van Duren two decades ago, this piano-driver East Coast combo is winning new fans by the second! Chalk it up to the fact that they play an appealingly upbeat brand of melodic rock and have a name that sounds like a laundromat! It may not be much, but at least it’s new! 4.5/5


THE WHO A Quick One 4/5 The Who Sell Out 5/5 (both MCA) Yepper–the hottest records of the year keep on comin’! While it’s a gas to finally hear a well-mastered version of A Quick One–which is bolstered by the inclusion of the previously Magic Bussed “Disguises”–my complete and total rave must go to Sell Out, which remains the Who’s best album ever and with extra tracks now measures in at over 70 minutes. I’m telling you, these guys could’ve been bigger than Can! Ever hear ’em?


CATCHERS  Mute (Setanta/Discovery)  While admittedly a few months late on this–I only just found it for 99 cents somewhere–who’s keeping track in the first place? A great quartet who are probably Irish (me lack bio), they boast a sound midway between the Sound and Into Paradise and should sell about as many records as those groups did, too! Translation: 300 billion! On Mars! Buy this record now or be randomly slugged in the mouth! 4.5/5


REX  Rex (Southern Records)  Sounding neither like Tyrannasaurus Rex or Rex Smith, this New York-based quartet includes a former member of hipster slowmos Codeine and is about as energetic as you’d therefore expect–if you expected anything at all! With such upbeat material to be had here as “A Good Time To Die” and “Tortured Animal,” you can bet it won’t be long before some clever headline writer wakes up, writes “Can Rex Read?” and then goes home and eats a taco! It’s his life, so let him live it! 4/5


(BAM, 7/01/95)


One Response to “Entry for June 16, 2006”

  1. Meredith F Says:

    I think you are hilarious!!!

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