Entry for October 13, 2006



1977-1987: Ten Year Movers & Shakers Poll




Gig: L.A. bureau chief/Billboard                                             

Outfit: Catholic

Doing in ’77?: Import buyer at Schoolkids Records, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Artists: The Go-Betweens, Pere Ubu, Church

Concerts: Neil Young & Crazy Horse in Detroit (’78), Only Ones/Bookies Club 870 (Detroit ’79), Pink Floyd at Nassau Coliseum, NY (’80)

Movies: Eraserhead, Dune, Blue Velvet          

Labels: Rough Trade/Postcard/Black Saint/Soul Note

Heroes: Robert Wyatt, Brian Wilson,Van Morrison  

Villains: “Everybody is fantastic.”

Changes: introduction of CDs/availability of back catalog increased     




The Go-Betweens: Before Hollywood

Leonard Cohen: Death of a Ladies’ Man

Marvin Gaye: Here, My Dear

Beach Boys: Beach Boys Love You

Big Star: Third

Pere Ubu: The Modern Dance

Elvis Costello: Imperial Bedroom

Ben Watt: North Marine Drive

Church: Heyday

Teardrop Explodes: Kilamanjaro



Only Ones: “Another Girl, Another Planet”

Go-Betweens: “A Bad Debt Follows You”

Television: “Days”

Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt: “Walter & John”

Smiths: “This Charming Man”

Joy Division: “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Robert Wyatt: “At Last I Am Free”

Soft Cell: “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

Teardrop Explodes: “When I Dream”

Church: “Is This Where You Live?”

Gene Loves Jezebel: “Upstairs”

Orange Juice: “Falling and Laughing”

Aztec Camera: “From Pillar to Post”

Kinks: “Come Dancing”

Bruce Springsteen: “I’m on Fire”

Elvis Costello. “Psycho”

Big Star: “Kanga Roo”

Apartments: “Lazarus”

Leonard Cohen: “The Walls Of This Hotel”

Nick Drake: “Black Dog”


Music Connection Magazine

(Dec. 14-Jan. 10, 1988)


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