Entry for December 08, 2006


A new installation of Microsoft Office on my work computer just resurfaced some exciting content that I apparently typed into my TASKS menu the first time I was introduced to it–which, unbelievably, was about 12 years and 20 Microsoft Office versions ago.

It’s nice to know that after losing boatloads of valuable data files at this place over the years, this fine content–typed on a very slow-moving afternoon in early 1995, I suspect–remains at my disposal, and now yours.

Revealingly, and perhaps tragically, every task that was never completed is followed by the term “(None).”

I am a man of action, and this proves it!


  my favorite calendar! (None)
  eat my ukelele (None)
  rub a dub dub, three men in a tub! (None)
  steal my bicycle! (None)
  i hate satan! (None)
  steve winwood, pecker (None)
  bubble in the grass (None)
  confusion is not always! (None)
  the magic of boz scaggs (None)
  overwhelming aroma party (None)
  lick up the spittle (None)
  peanuts make you bald! (None)
  subscribe to a new philosophy! (None)
  have you seen my gun? (None)
  i’m into architecture! (None)
  your kind disturbs me (None)
  annouce this, spumwad! (None)
  why bother breathing? (None)
  cursing is fun! (None)
  do you like christmas? (None)
  you bug me! (None)
  around the corner and up the back (None)
  fritos are a fun food! (None)
  i avoid smiling (None)
  fill your life with meaningless tasks (None)
  ich bin ein berliner (None)
  wear loafers for fun! (None)
  i’m the beenie man! (None)
  you have problems! (None)
  consume human excrement! (None)
  have i told you lately that i love you? (None)
  allow me to kill you! (None)
  what is your destiny? (None)
  robo man! (None)
  erase all life! (None)
  die now! (None)


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