Entry for January 04, 2007


Gene-Splicing Update

Left: Summer 1970

Right: Summer 2006

Both subjects: 16 years old.


5 Responses to “Entry for January 04, 2007”

  1. Meredith F Says:

    Hot stuff!

  2. Billy J Says:

    amazing. the day i realized how much i looked like my dad it freaked me out. and it happened when i was about 20 and saw some of his photos when he was the same age. what was your song’s response. btw, you look like a real bad ass. lol.

  3. Bob O Says:

    That’s incredible. You still get your wigs from the same guy!Very cool.

  4. ian c rogers Says:


  5. Abbi Says:

    i prefer the 1970’s version.

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