Entry for January 05, 2007


2006 Best Albums

1) Belle & Sebastian: The Life Pursuit
2) Montgolfier Brothers: All My Bad Thoughts*
3) Hope Of The States: Left
4) Momus: Ocky Milk
5) Shack: On The Corner Of Miles And Gil
6) Perry Blake: The Crying Room
7) Spearmint: Paris In A Bottle
8) Camera Obscura: Let’s Get Out Of This Country
9) Gnac: Twelve Sidelong Glances
10)Television Personalities: My Dark Places

1)The Triffids: Born Sandy Devotional
2)Nick Garrie: The Nightmare of JB Stanislas *
3) Jazz in Britain 1968-1969: (w/ Surman, Skidmore, Oxley)
4)Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit And Greenhill: The Unwritten Works Of Geoffrey, Etc.
5)Soft Machine: Middle Earth Masters**

*came out in late 2005

**not technically a reissue; unreleased old stuff


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