Entry for July 05, 2007


So at work some of us are going to start writing new blogs, which is dandy by me, that’s for sure. And the blogs require pictures of each writer. So I sent our art department a picture of me holding a plastic spoon and eating ice cream at a family reunion held in Easton, Pennsylvania a while ago. Someone in that department thought the picture wasn’t as cool as it might be, so they suggested I go outside and smoke a cigarette, like I usually do, and they’d take a picture of it. So they did. Then they created the blog art, featuring me smoking a cigarette. It was pretty funny. But someone complained about it, which I guess is their prerogative, so it’ll probably be changed. Oh well. Then I remembered the picture they ran when I left CREEM in 1986. Hah! –dd


3 Responses to “Entry for July 05, 2007”

  1. Billy J Says:

    incredible. can’t believe that someone complained. really? but it’s okay cover paris hilton, but not okay to be pictured smoking a cigarette? sounds suspicious.

    anyhow, great clip from CREEM? does it freak you out how much your boys look like you down to the ‘do? crazy. lol.

  2. Mick O Says:

    I have a pic of you interviewing RBD I think … 🙂

  3. Anthula Says:

    Smoking? I’ve heard good things about it. Your photo seals the deal. I’ll take it up tomorrow. Actually, considering the aoa (adult on-set asthma), I may have to procrastinate on that as well. Your RockCritics.com Ed. pal ~*)
    P.S. Whomever comlained is a drip. Yeah, I said it.

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